5/20 – 6/8 Status – STEP 2 . Count: 26

DRAFT Proposal – Request for morning and evening commute hour shuttle/bus from the Coast to San Mateo and Foster City
A mailing list of 25 people who live on the coast and work in Foster City and San Mateo are interested in hearing about shuttle/bus options to work and back. Below are high level draft requirements.

(1) … Morning Pickup at 4-6 locations between Pacifica (Manor Drive/HW 1) and Downtown Half Moon Bay
(2) … Morning drop-off Downtown San Mateo and 3-4 stops at companies in Foster City
(3) … Evening commute uses opposite descriptions of morning

Length of Commute
(4) One hour target for longest ride from pickup to drop-off

Suggested Payment/Price
(4) … Provide Cost for a two month trial (assume pre-pay a month in advance)
(5) … Please also suggest other options for cost commitments/payment

(6) … Everyone gets a seat
(7) … WiFi available

(8) … Please respond with alternate scope/requirements, options if more (how many) people than the 25 interested and other recommendations/ideas.

(9) Highway 1 possible pickup locations – look for areas where people can park – probably need 2 shuttles 1 North, 1 South with 2 pickup locations each.
Manor Drive 3.5 Miles to
Sharp Park Road )Golf Course) 2.5 Miles to
Linda Mar Blvd 4 Miles to
..Montara 2 Miles to
..Moss Beach 2.5 Miles to
..El Granada (Princeton) 4.5 Miles to
..Half Moon Bay (New Leaf)
Total = 16 miles

…Sharp Park Road 15 Miles to San Mateo Caltrain Station
…Half Moon Bay 14 Miles to San Mateo Caltrain Station
…San Mateo Caltrain Station 3 Miles to Foster City Companies

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