Beer Wine Spirits

Travel to Pacifica for Beer, Wine or Spirits starting from Colma BART on the SamTrans 112 / 118 or from Daly City BART SamTrans 110 / 118 get off at the bus stop in front of the Safeway Manor Shopping Parking lot in Pacifica, walk a half block north and turn left onto Bill Drake Way toward the ocean to:

Pedro Point Brewing

55A Bill Drake Way – opens at noon, children and pets are welcome, because this is a tasting room. You are encouraged to order take-out from the nearby Manor Shopping Center restaurants (some will deliver) while you taste.  –> Next walk south along the coast and down Palmetto to visit:

Tripp Distillery 

1121 Palmetto Avenue  – Hours vary Sat/Sun 12-6, Fri 6-9 – A one room distillery where you can sample craft rum, vodka and gin, purchase house made cocktails and buy a bottle or two of local Pacifica spirits. If you bring a dog you get a free shot.

And directly across the street is the

French  Looka Patesserie Is Now Out of Business

Was 2nd largest employer in Pacifica, where when they’re open you can buy some macaroons.

Keep heading south down Palmetto past Ingrid B Lacy Middle School to Paloma Ave.
Note: If you want to start your adventure a little farther south you get off the SamTrans 112 on Palmetto just past the Middle school or the SamTrans110 /118 on Oceana Blvd next to the High School, caddy Corner from the Red Building.

Winter’s Tavern (one block east of Palmetto and one block west of Oceana) is an old school Pacifica bar with a nice selection of beer on tap and hosts popular bands Thursday – Saturday evenings. You can get there by bus, but unfortunately all buses stop running by the end of the show.

The Beer Walk – 3.5 miles south to the Humble Sea

Or head due west towards the Pacifica Pier, walk onto the promenade and continue on the levee near the golf course. There are two paths at the end of levee. Either up the stairs or head east back towards CA Route 1, Coast Highway.

The stairs will take you up to Mori Point where you can walk east along the hillside and down through the quarry to the paved walking and bike path and onto Rockaway Beach. This high path is little treacherous for strollers and wheel chairs. It would be best “instead of walking up the steps” to stroll east and then south along CA Route 1 and cut back east  into the quarry toward the paved biked path at the

Pacifica Memorial Liberty Garden, which sits across the highway from Vallemar, also a major stop for the SamTrans 110 /112 / 118.

“We can hitch a ride to Rockaway Beach…” – the Ramones

directly to the Rockaway Beach stop on the SamTrans 110 /112 / 118. Or walk south on the bike path

toward the Lighthouse Hotel Moonraker restaurant. You may want to visit later in the day for a sunset (or foggy) drink or meal.

Lots of shops in Rockaway. Stop in at Breakers, 145 Rockaway Beach Ave, for a classic American breakfast or lunch. A Grape in the Fog, 400 Old County Rd, is a casual wine bar and the Rockaway Beach community living room, stop by in the early afternoon for “Yappy” Hour.

At the Rockaway beach CA Route 1 light cross the highway east and walk on the shoulder south to the Pacifica Brewery for some great beers, cocktails and/or high quality starters and meals.  Note that on page 22 of the Final Pacifica Bike and Pedestrian Master Plan recommends the following improvement: “This location serves Sea Bowl and Pacifica Brewery. It has many access limitations because of Highway 1
and limited sidewalk connectivity.” You might want to ask the Pacifica City Council  to commit to executing on their plan and improve that walkway by sending email to:

Head west back across CA Route 1 to continue to the final walk-able Beer destination.

Next head south towards Aramai Point and up up up along the switch-back, take one last look at Rockaway, walk south along CA Route 1 coast highway a bit and down to Linda Mar beach.Wind your way down down down the path. You’ll pass a stop slight on CA Route 1  continue along the back of the beach and past the main parking lot (bathrooms). Keep going south. You’ll cross the bridge over Calera Creek and come  to the Pedro Point Shopping Center.


Humble Sea Brewing Company,5560 Pacific Coast Hwy,  at the far south end  of the mall past ‘Grocery Outlet Bargain Market.’ You can also peruse the other interesting shops along the way. To bus there directly take the 110 /112 / 118 to Linda Park and Ride east side of CA Route 1, head west, cross at the light. The Humble Sea taproom is south (left)  the beach is north (right.)

More on the Coast – South

Eight miles south of Linda Mar are two popular microbreweries, both in the Princeton-by-the-Sea Harbor, Half Moon Bay. Hiking from Linda Mar is not for the faint of heart – either walk south along the very narrow stretch of CA Route 1 (biking would be just a wee bit safer) OR hike up the very steep hills of Pedro Point and back down to the Devil’s Slide Trail north parking lot. Use the Devil’ slide trail to bypass the tunnel and continue along CA Route 1 to Princeton-by-the-Sea Harbor and find:

  • Half Moon Bay Brewing Co., 390 Capistrano Rd across the street from Barbara’s Fish Trap. HMB Brewing is also a restaurant with some great food.
  • Hop Dogma Brewing Co., 270 Capistrano Rd inside the mall. Like Pedro Point Brewing Co. this is just a tasting room. Hop Dogma partners with local restaurants and you are welcome to bring food on site to enjoy with your tasing.

To take a bus from BART you will need to use the SamTrans 110 /112 / 118, get off at the Linda Mar Park and Ride lot and then take a second bus SamTran 17 local to Princeton Harbor.

Unfortunately there is no regional bus that you can take the entire length of CA Route 1 Coast Highway from The Golden Gate Bridge to Pacifica to the city of Half Moon Bay.  If you feel like making some noise about supporting an Oceanshore Corridor bus route you can send emails with a request to combine the bus route: SFMTA Muni 28 with the SamTrans and extend the the 118 all way to Half Moon Bay (an unofficial Beer Bus between the Sunset in SG to Half Moon Bay):

Dogs using Transit

Both BART and SamTrans allow ‘small’ pets in a carrier onboard.