Ocean Shore Railroad – Experiment #2: Promote a culture that financially supports and values using mass transit within SF Bay beach cities (pop. 60K) Pacifica, Montara, Moss Beach, El Granada, Half Moon Bay  and from all points north, east and south by: (1) Testing/simulating  Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) concepts. (2) Incrementally fund and establish those concepts that work. (3) Develop an Electronic Transit Network for private/public mass transportation.

Suggested method to get there (needs lots of work)

PROGRAMS – Work doesn’t start until Experiment #1 is fulfilled

  • BRT – Lots of talk, meetings discussions, election referendums, beach community support
    • Highway 1 and 92
    • Buses / Shuttles only
    • Reallocate Highway lane widening budgets to BRT testing (pay for traffic enforcement personal, planning, etc.) and BRT initiatives
    • ¿4 years? Re-establish the “Ocean Shore Line” with autonomous bus/shuttle vehicles and paved bus/shuttle only right-of-way. Note: 30% San Francisco households do not own cars
  • Electronic Transit Network – Enable the establishment of regular and on-demand transit routes via bus, shuttle, tram, train, etc. and the means by which consumers can request service. Promote use of private bus companies that would have inventory sitting idle, for example commute shuttles on weekends or wine tours shuttles during the work week.
    • Transport Providers (Public and Private) – Can list available seats for on scheduled and on demand rides. See door2door for example.
    • Consumers – Can schedule and pay for rides in advance.
    • Government and Social Entities – Can manage campaigns and transit logistics for major public events
    • Merchants – Can manage campaigns for business events, for example beach city pub crawls, dine about town, etc.
    • Data Science to coordinate efficient bus routing traffic.
    • Manage transit  payments.
  • Marketing and Communication – How do you ‘last minute’ make the entire extended Bay Area aware of and excited to use transit options when it’s going to be 100-degrees in the East Bay next weekend and everyone wants to travel to the beach. Or when there is an upcoming Pumpkin Festival, Fog Fest or Dream Machines?

On November 15, 1986 the citizens of San Mateo County voted to approve Measure T “The Devil’s Slide bypass Tunnel Initiative.” On March 25, 2013 two 4400 foot tunnels bored through solid rock opened to North and South bound traffic on CA-1  between Pacifica and Montara.