April 17, 2017


CoastCommute.org serves to support raising questions, testing proposed solutions, gathering data and communicating results to generate products that advance the acceptance and use of mass transit to, from and within the San Francisco Bay coastal towns of Half Moon Bay, El Granada, Moss Beach, Montara and Pacifica California.

60,000 people reside along California Highway 1 hugging the Pacific Ocean to the west and the San Andreas tectonic hills to the east; a natural barrier separating the Coastal Community towns from the rest of San Mateo county.

The idea started with a simple question. How can I leave my car at home and  use mass transit to commute the 17 miles from my home in Pacifica to my job at Visa* in Foster City California. There were no reasonable options. Even committing to carpool websites resulted in silence. To be fair, on occasion I was  able to drive (but not ride)  using the scoop site, but not with any regularity from the coast.

The initial program Foster City – Experiment #1 centers around identifying a count of people who live on the coast and work in San Mateo and Foster City, with the hope that if 40 expressed interest we could begin approaching public and private bus/shuttle services to pick-up at a few locations on the coast and drop off near their places of employment. Additionally SamTrans is conducting a Coast Side Transit Study where public mass transit comments are encouraged.

So… What are your ideas, tasks, proposals to create a culture that embraces getting from place-to-place without driving?


Rick Nahass <ricknahass@coastcommute.org>
650 580-5141

* This is my own personal website and initiative. Visa, Inc. is my employer only and is NOT involved, promoting or a sponsor of this website or initiative.