4/30 – 5/19 Status – STEP 1 . Count: 25

Count – 25 people on the list

I was not able to get the request for interest out to larger companies in Foster City / San Mateo, because public or private firms will not send an email or post on behalf of an individual. One way to approach this is for someone who works for that company to collect/maintain the emails and forwards on my communication. I also maintain two separate lists 1. personal emails, 2. Visa emails and send two communications. At this point if enough people sign-up on the coast an option might be to use the carpooling app scoop, which I have used with some success (see below for more info)

Activity 4/30-5/19

  • Published letter in Half Moon Bay Review
  • Published letter in Pacifica Patch
  • Circulated poster on different floors in Visa building Foster City
  • Email exchange with Foster City Chamber of Commerce CEO
  • Spoke at Half Moon Bay city council meeting
  • Attended Foster City CommUNITY Dialogue session, suggested that Foster City request that Foster City companies notify their “coast” employees about the carpooling through scoop, because both Foster City and San Mateo have programs that reduce cost of using scoop. I tried to use it, but there are not enough residents signed up.
  • Suggested scoop look at their coast algorithm, because of the unique topography of 15 mile highway corridor between Sharp Park Rd (Pacifica) and Highway 92 (Half Moon Bay).
  • Attempted to post to Next Door from Montara to Half Moon Bay, but was not allowed, because my home is not within 2.5 mies. If others who live in those cities can post the coastcommute.org link to Next Door that would be awesome.
  • As an experiment I took public transit to work one day – here are the results (note: my manager was OK with the short day at work, because she knew what I was attempting and I am fortunate enough to be able to continue working from home):

Morning Commute

8:21 Depart SamTrans 118 from Ocean/Brighton Rd, Pacifica

8:36 Arrive Colma BART

8:50 Depart BART to Millbrae

9:00 Arrive Millbrae

9:26 Depart on Visa shuttle

9:47 Arrive Visa

1 hour, 27 minutes

Afternoon Commute

3:50 Depart Visa on Visa shuttle

4:06 Arrive Millbrae

4:18 BART – Depart Millbrae

4:29 Arrive Colma

4:46 SamTrans 118 – Depart Colma

4:58 Arrive Brighton

1 hour, 8 minutes

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