6/17 – 7/31 Status – STEP 3 . Count: 26

Spoke with Alaina at Chariot.com at the suggestion of public and private transit organizations, result was:
  • Chariot runs public routes in  San Francisco and private routes in San Mateo count
  • Chariot has more commuters who  have interest from  the coast to Foster City contacting them; however, since they are only committing  to private routes in San Mateo county they want someone  to be responsible for organizing, collecting  the payment, providing some sort of authorization for the who can ride.
  • Since I work for Visa and Visa is a ‘payments company’ – I’ve reached out to the Visa org responsible for transportation and they said they will be  pulling together some Visa staff to determine if perhaps a dialogue with Chariot can be opened to ponder possible innovative solutions that might showcase Visa, test a hybrid approach for Chariot to increase its transit footprint and provide an alternate to driving to get to and  from work for ALL  commuters on the coast who work in Foster City and San Mateo.
Let’s see where this goes.

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